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Causes of sagging breasts and remedies

As a lady, your body is your pride and you feel comfortable and confident when you have a nice and perfect shape or figure. Many women have gone to lengths to try and perfect their shapes, some opting for surgery, liposuction. Others going for exercise and dieting to get their desired shapes. One of such problems we try to fix is sagging breasts.They most probably come as a result of the kind of lifestyle you choose.Most claim that it comes with aging and becoming older. Some say it’s as a result of over breastfeeding.Whatever the reasons may be I’ll be sharing with you few trusted solutions and tips on how to regain a healthy shape and also few reasons why it’s sagging.

Causes of sagging breasts

– Lack of exercise :This is one of the major causes, it makes the body in general to look dull and makes it weak and prone to diseases. Engaging in exercises like sit ups and push ups can lift the breasts and strengthen the muscles around it.

-Smoking and drug addiction :These things make the body breakdown and even causes loss of lives. It breaks down the proteins and nutrients in the skin. Staying away from drugs and smoking is very advisable.

Weight gain and loss:Unhealthy gain and loss of weight can lead to sagging breasts. It’s advisable for you to feed on healthy calories and fat if you wish to gain weight and opt for constant exercising if you wish to lose weight rather than opting for drugs and surgery.
Wearing the wrong bra:Its advisable for you to check the size of underwear that’ll suit you more before shopping for it. That way you don’t end up buying one that is too tight or too loose

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