"Females are always quick to stab you in the back" Kimoprah says during Bbnaija season 4 reunion - 247EARNERS

“Females are always quick to stab you in the back” Kimoprah says during Bbnaija season 4 reunion

Today’s topic for the Bbnaija season 4 day 8 reunion is Evictions. So we all remember the first housemates to be evicted were Avala and Isilomo. Ebuka asked how the housemates felt when they were evicted;
Tuoyo : it was painful, I was really pained I felt I had scaled through .
Nelson : at some point I was sick I was just trying to pull through and when I left the house I was like OK I tried my best.
Thelma : I feel my fish incident with tacha also had a hand in my eviction and I really like fish. Tacha fans behave like her they just stand behind you even when they know you are wrong
Ebuka then asked the housemates who they felt was the most shocked to be evicted and the most voted was kimoprah who then replied
Kimoprah :i was shocked, mad and furious. I just wanted to go out and fight whoever was responsible for it. Ebuka then asked kimoprah do you feel like you came off as overconfident in the house and it affected your votes and people felt you were more of a guy’s person she then replied I don’t feel I came off as overconfident it is my personality and I vibed more with the guys because I feel females are always quick to stab you in the back.
Avala then chipped in I felt she didn’t want anything to do with the girls, she’s very competitive. Considering we met outside the house during the audition I was surprised how she behaved .Kimoprah then replied I have pure love for avala but it was a competition and am a competitive person Avala then said When she got the veto power kimoprah was the police.Isilomo also added on the issue I feel that kimoprah felt that she was better than everyone, she just used to piss me off. Ebuka then asked how and she said The accent thing, there was a time she had the audacity to ask me to stand up from a chair. On a normal day it won’t be a big deal but on national TV I think it was more of a manner of approach.
Ebuka then to kimoprah how did you feel about isilomo in the house and how do you feel about her now ? In the house I felt we were cool ,and now? (Ebuka) I couldn’t care less. And isilomo also replied when the question was thrown to her We don’t really know each other so the feeling is mutual.
Then the housemates were asked who the most boring housemates were in the house and the answer was Avala, Diane, Nelson and Jackie.
Nelson then replied am surprised tuoyo would say I was boring because we knew ourselves before we got in to the house, he’s my guy he’s supposed to have my back. I shared my room with him in the house and cooked for him self.
Ebuka then replied it wasn’t a matter of were you boring and he said I was not. So finally who do you think should have been saved in the house Avala, Isilomo and kimoprah were the most voted.That’s all for tonight’s reunion. Finally what do you think about today’s reunion?


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